– If you barely manage to survive in a land of poverty, somewhere at the end of the world and you think that nothing will change your fate, the fate of your children and your country, then know that you have friends from afar, who just extends a helping hand.

It can not be that we find ourselves living in blissful ignorance, and they were not have anyone to rely on. So first, we need to know how is the situation there, if help is needed and what help.

Indeed, none of us is able to grasp the situation around the globe, but everyone can get to know a piece of the world, a few people, a few streets or village and “keep an eye on.”

Let them join the global production, let them unleash the talents, let them develop a civilization with us.

Let’s export prosperity.

There are at least 3 good reasons to go this route.

First, empathy. We feel what extreme poverty people feel, sick of malnutrition, deprived of hope because of the surrounding poverty.

Second, head lifting nationalism. We do not want a repeat of history. We look for a better future in the mutual support of societies, not in the ruthless competition of the peoples.

And thirdly, in poor countries there are 3 times more people than in rich countries, but their working capacity for the development of civilization is much smaller. They are huge untapped potential. Imagine a world where there are 3 times more inventors, 3 times more scientists, 3 times more doctors, composers, cleaners, 3 times more customers etc… Imagine this technical progress, new medications, excellent health care, fresh honey for ears, pure Earth, etc…

Take part.

Miroslaw Trynkiewicz