Case Study – Is Fair Trade company really fair?


To verify this, I sent invitations to co-operate with 40 certified companies in India.

India is, on average, a poor country, considering the national income per capita (it is six times smaller than the world average).

I received only 1 answer. It is not surprising because emails are most often treated as spam. In a polite reply the director expressed his readiness to cooperate.

Let’s take a closer look at this company, maybe there are some opinions on the internet.

The company has a website where you can find a lot of positive information. Let’s look elsewhere.

The company is located in the Tamilnad area, which is about 70% richer than the average in India but not the richest. We can see what the village of the company is like: map, picture. On the film, we see people working hand-in-hand and smiling, beautiful women and nuns directing workers: film.

The company employs 300 people and is therefore of great importance to the local community. Its importance in our eyes will grow even further as we read the description at “Assisi’s inception in industry dates back to 1994 as a non-profit rehabilitation program established in Tirupur Employing a workforce of 300 including underprivileged women and 120 physically challenged women, the endeavor was the first-of-its-kind in India. Those humble beginnings have since then paved the way for us to be a garment manufacturer.”.

“In addition to reinvesting profits to grow their businesses and create more jobs, Assisi Garments invests in the community to support various social projects, including a rehabilitation center in South Africa.” – read at

In the interview we learn that the company’s motto is Christian love for one’s neighbor.

I did not find any negative reviews.

Bravo. It turns out that a Fair Trade certified company is more fair than the required certification!

I recommend: Assisi Garments Private Limited.

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