Egypt is a poor country because of a small national income per person, but it is in a better position than the vast majority of other poor countries.

The picture below shows a society with a low standard of living, but it cares about the basic needs of almost all citizens.

An important brake on the development is the above-average costs of ensuring security due to internal and international conflicts.

The number of the poor is still growing, which threatens the social structure in Egypt. The conditions for unrest ripen.

Comparison of economic indicators of Egypt and Poland

  1. Egypt has a national income per person of 3417 $ (ie 4 times lower than Poland).
  2. The GDP growth rate of 4.4% is close to the average growth in the world (4.6% in Poland).
  3. The balance of foreign inflows and outflows is negative and amounts to -16% of GDP. (In Poland + 1% of GDP.)
  4. Egypt is a large country with a population of 92 million (2.4 times more than Poland).
  5. Egypt has 4.6% of undernourished society, or 4.25 million people. This is a better result than other countries with similar national income per person. (Undernourished Poland is 5.5%, ie 2 million people.)
  6. The basic needs of society are assured quite well, because with a score of 12 out of 15 possible points. (Poland provides basic needs with indicator 14.)
  7. The degree of social development is assessed quite low, at 0.5 point (Poland 0.78). Average in the world 0.56.
  8. The country is plagued by international and national conflicts, their costs including other costs of maintaining security are estimated at 12% of GDP. (Poland is assessed as a peaceful country, security costs are around 6% of GDP.)
  9. 6.9% of Egyptians live in extreme poverty, or less than 322 Egyptian pounds per person per month (currently around 64 PLN). That’s 6.3 million people. (In Poland, 4.9% of the population lives in extreme poverty, ie 1.9 million people, with the borderline of extreme poverty being 550 PLN.)
  10. As much as 35.9% of Egyptians live on the poverty line, for less than 482 EGP (96 PLN) – that’s 33 million people. (In Poland, on the poverty line there are 19.2% of the population, ie 7.3 million people, the limit is PLN 634.)
  11. A family of three needs at least 3078 Egyptian pounds (615 PLN) per month, and the minimum wage is 1200 EGP (240 PLN). (The poverty line of a three-person family in Poland is PLN 1200, and the minimum wage is PLN 2,100.)
  12. The average pay in Egypt is about 7,000 EGP (1360 PLN). (The average wage in Poland is 3 times higher, PLN 4,100.)
  13. The cost of living in Egypt is 1.8 times lower than in Poland.
  14. The uneven distribution of income in the social strata is the same as in Poland and similar to the global average.
  15. The unemployment rate in Egypt is 11.3%. (4.7% of people who are able to work in Poland are unemployed.)

A map of needs in Egypt

Number of people on the poverty line in administrative areas

GovernoratePopulation [million]Poverty [%]Poor [million]
Alexandria Governorate5,0301,5
Aswan Governorate1,5300,4
Asyut Governorate4,4703,1
Beheira Governorate6,0301,8
Beni Suef Governorate2,9601,8
Cairo Governorate9,7302,9
Dakahlia Governorate6,2301,9
Damietta Governorate1,4300,4
Faiyum Governorate3,3401,3
Gharbia Governorate4,9301,5
Giza Governorate7,9201,6
Ismailia Governorate1,2300,4
Kafr El Sheikh Governorate3,3301,0
Luxor Governorate1,2300,4
Matruh Governorate0,5300,1
Minya Governorate5,9301,8
Monufia Governorate4,1301,2
New Valley Governorate0,2300,1
North Sinai Governorate0,4300,1
Port Said Governorate0,7300,2
Qalyubia Governorate5,3301,6
Qena Governorate3,1401,3
Red Sea Governorate0,4300,1
Sharqia Governorate6,7302,0
Sohag Governorate4,7502,4
South Sinai Governorate0,2300,1
Suez Governorate0,6300,2

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Care of provinces in Poland over the governorates in Egypt: table.

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