Crowdfunding regulations

Extract from the regulations

1. and its subpages constitute a Website that allows Users to conduct Fundraising for any purpose related to providing support for poor countries, indicated on the website http://ffa. info/crowdfunding-for-poor-countries/.

5. The Operator is an intermediary with the participation of Users with a designated donation contract between them.

29. In order to make a payment, the User’s registration is not required. The contributor wishing to remain anonymous in the payment form may enter the word anonym instead of the surname.

31. In the registration form, the User provides, in principle, his first and last name, username (Login), password, e-mail address and any information about himself. A user wishing to remain anonymous should enter the word anonym instead of the surname.

32. The User undertakes to provide only the real information to the Operator and other Users.

36. Personal data provided by the Users on the Website is collected and processed in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the privacy policy contained in Annex No. 1 to the Regulations.

38. The User may set up only one User Account.

39. The User agrees to display the content of its Collectibles, Profile, Deposit Balance and Disbursements, the history of Deposit Payments, the history of Collectibles, comments to Fundraising.

42. The Operator shall make every effort to ensure that the displayed Deposits, Withdrawals and their balance sheets are updated daily.

46. ​​The purpose of the Collection and its content must not be against the law.

48. In order for the Collection to be launched, the Organizer should earlier support the Collection of another Organizer with any amount as a logged User. The number of Organizer’s collections can not be less than the amount of its Contributions to the Funds of other Organizers. In case of withdrawal of the Deposit, the oldest Organizer’s Collection will be hidden until a new Deposit for the Collection of another Organizer is made.

49. The submitted proposal of the Collection is verified, edited in agreement with the Organizer and launched by the Operator.

51. Supporter within 14 calendar days after payment of the Premium may apply to the Operator for withdrawal of its Premiums. In this case, the Operator will return the entire amount that has been received by the Operator’s bank account in respect of this Premium or the smaller amount indicated by the Supporter to the Supporting bank account and reduce the status of the Funding by this amount.

52. Payments to the Organizer are made monthly based on the status of the Fundraising at the end of the month, including any withdrawal of the Premiums.

53. Due to the admissible period for submission of applications by the Supporters for the return of premiums paid, the Operator reserves the deadline of 21 days from the end of the month to implement the Withdrawal, and is not responsible for delays beyond his control.

54. In cases of receipt of Premiums after the date of completion of the Collection, the resulting Payments will be made on the basis of the unpaid Collection held on the Operator’s bank account at the end of each month, by 21st of the following month.

56. The Operator reserves the right to delete comments of unlawful nature or related to activities of this nature, including comments violating the rights of third parties, as well as comments that raise doubts as to their validity. The User may request the Operator to delete such a comment.

64. The Operator reserves that it is not a party to the Agreement concluded between Users on the Website and is not responsible for the performance of obligations arising between Users on its basis. The Users are the parties to the agreements concluded during the Organizing via the Website.

70. The organizer may be asked to perform a verification transfer for the amount of € 1 (which he will then be able to pay back to his bank account) to the Operator’s bank account. In the title of this transfer, the Organizer must provide the indicated string of characters.

71. After posting the Organizer’s payment transfer, the data from the transfer (name and surname of a natural person or the name or company of another legal entity) will be compared with the data provided in the Profile. The inconsistency of this data may be treated as providing false information, with all statutory consequences.

74. In the case of a Profile of a person other than a natural person (eg Company Profile, foundation), it is required to send the authorization for the person managing the Profile, signed by all the managing persons in accordance with the provisions contained in the company documents.

77. The Operator reserves the right to terminate the contract for the provision of Services immediately and to block the User Account using the Website in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations. The Operator is also entitled to suspend the provision of the Services or block access to the User Account for the time needed to clarify the circumstances indicating the probability of the User’s actions contrary to the law or the Regulations.

86. The name of the Website and all textual and graphic content as well as the database are protected by law as a work of copyright.

Personal data processed on the Website will only be within the scope and purpose of the User’s consent.

The Administrator of the Personal Data is the Service Operator
MTmarketing – Miroslaw Trynkiewicz
28 Rose Hill Court, Kilkenny, Ireland.

The Operator’s remuneration is the Commission in the amount of 0% of each Payment transferred to the Organizer of the Fund.

The payouts are less than the sum of the Contributions by the payment operator’s payments.