Global organizations


Doctors and nurses working in 70 countries. The organization has 30,000 staff , in the US budget of $ 345 million. They work for the people, where even the embassy flee.

The main intergovernmental institution operating for 144 developing countries to improve the health and the fight against poverty. The budget of $ 190 billion.

They work for 90 poor countries to fight hunger and poverty. In the US budget $ 92 million.

They work on behalf of children in 190 countries. In the US budget $ 515 million.

In 95 countries, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, by providing economic opportunities, providing assistance in crisis situations, influencing political decisions. The budget of $ 530 million.

It provides information on: Overall Score & Rating, Financial Performance Metrics, Accountability & Transparency Performance Metrics, Income Statement, Financial Charts, Compensation of Leaders, Mission, Charities Performing Similar Types of Work.

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