The greatest humanitarian catastrophe since the Second World War


What do we do What do we do ???

The gates were opened. A flood of immigrants flooded Europe. Without documents, without money, without language knowledge. More than a million people came thousands of kilometers on foot, swept through the dinghy, drove what was possible. After the war refugees from Syria, people from Central Africa and western Asia, who are looking for a better life.

But the apocalypse is only coming.

In Africa already 30 million has a huge problem with gaining food. Climate warming, which for us means some warmer days, means hunger for them. The land is deserted, the water sources dry. The situation worsens with each passing year. In Africa there are over a billion people. And they already know where the promised land is – Europe.

What will we do when hundreds of millions of desperate people move to our borders? What wall will so many people stop? Will we shoot? Will we let them die of hunger and freeze in our streets? We will watch as the hunger rob shops?

Can we then shelter and nourish millions of people?

Crop failures and war only increase the pressure of potential emigration. The worst thing is that we let go of the cork!

People in all poor countries, not just those affected by the war, convinced that they can just walk to the European paradise, if they go in droves.

It is impossible to stop them, not only because of the length of the borders, but mainly for humanitarian reasons (we are rescuing them at sea).

Border refugee camps are expensive and temporary solution, because we have to feed them unproductive people, and for them to stay in the camp vegetation is – at some point they will go further.

There is no reason why billions of immigrants will not come to replace one million immigrants. If you can improve your life, why not try it. In poor countries lives of 3.3 billion people.

And that is going to be an apocalypse – we do not feed so many people, costs will plunge the economy of developed countries, we are waiting for the global economic crisis.

It looks like we want to or do not want, rich countries will incur huge costs.

So it is worth considering whether it is better to spend the big money now, to bring the poor countries to the minimum level of prosperity, and instead of crisis, prepare a economic boom resulting from increased trade with these countries.

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