Living in a poor society for most people means living in poverty and no prospect of improvement, and for a large part of the population means an insufficient amount of food.

Currently (in 2018 year) 10% of the world population lives below the poverty line, ie on less than $ 1.90 a day. *) That’s 762 million people – more than everyone in Europe.

  • Half (52%) of all poor people live in Africa,
  • 42% in Asia,
  • 4% in Latin America.
  • In Africa, almost every third inhabitant is poor – 400 million people living in poverty (more than US population),
  • in Asia the poor is one of the fourteen residents – 318 million poor,
  • in Latin America poor is 1 in 25 people – 27 million poor,
  • on other continents poverty is less common.

In the previous year (2016/2017), the total number of poor in the world decreased by 6 million, thanks to South Asia (less by 7 million) and Latin America (less by 3.5 million).

Unfortunately, it increased the number of poor in East Asia (about 3 million) and in sub-Saharan Africa (1.5 million).

The most tragic result of poverty is malnutrition.

The poor **)




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*) worldbank.org
**) gapminder.org

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