Who needs who can

they can
  • We identify societies requiring support.
    Currently, in 75 countries gross domestic product per capita is so small that the likely proportion of undernourished people is there greater than the average in the world. Their needs are proportional to the population and to the distance that separates them from a minimum GDP per capita ($ 3600).

  • We are situated a rich societies that can afford to help the poor.
    In 70 countries, gross domestic product per capita is higher than the world average ($ 10,850). The more the GDP per capita exceeds the average and the more people in the country, the greater are the possibilities.
  • Poor societies we assign to the care of rich societies, keeping the proportions capabilities to meet the needs.
  • We know the problems and people.
  • We try to develop the economy of our friends from afar: remove obstacles to growth, investing in building self-sufficiency, we buy from them whatever paying generously.

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